Space Assignment/Use Policy for anderson, bloedel, winkenwerder

Allocations and reallocations of space in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS) for Anderson, Bloedel, and Winkenwerder are considered by submitting a "Request for Space" form (below) to the Director’s Assistant ( The Director’s Council will review the requests and make recommendations to the Director for final decision.

General Guidelines

  • Space allocation recommendations should cause as little disruption as possible, including maintaining the primary built function of a space wherever possible (i.e., wet labs, classrooms).
  • The Director must approve major alterations to any space. Arrangements for the costs of any physical modifications are the requesting occupant's responsibility. SEFS itself has very little funding for modifications.
  • Office space (private or shared) is allocated to individuals, with priority to faculty, staff, and fully-funded graduate students.
  • Laboratory and other non-office spaces, including storage spaces, are allocated to Graduate Interest Areas, although for operational purposes they are managed by an individual.
  • School-wide facilities, such as teaching laboratories, classrooms, computing spaces, community spaces, and conference spaces are not assigned.
  • Each space is assigned a steward, who is the point person for questions about the space, is responsible for maintaining the space in compliance with safety codes, and schedules the use of the space as needed.

  • Exceptions to these guidelines can be made on a case-by-case basis.


Each full-time faculty member (prioritized by tenure, tenure-track, WOT, research) is entitled to the exclusive use of one office. A faculty member may decline the offer of an office and/or lab and may share space with others. Part-time faculty members may be asked to share space. Research Associates are normally assigned shared office space in space assigned to their sponsoring research program. Faculty holding appointments with no formal workload are normally not assigned office or laboratory space, which includes affiliate and retired faculty (except for "40% faculty" in their teaching quarters). At the request of a sponsoring faculty member, shared office space will normally be made available to visiting faculty and scholars. Clustering of faculty by research interest is desirable. Short-term reductions in funding shall not cause a reduction in space.


Professional and classified staff are assigned office space on the basis of the needs and requirements of their work load.


The following priorities apply:

  1. Fully-funded graduate students over partially supported, unsupported, or self-supported students (including those with support from outside agencies or foreign governments)
  2. Research assistants over teaching assistants
  3. Graduate students over undergraduates

Please contact the Director’s Assistant if you have questions.

Click here to download a “Request for Space” form.