Ion Chromatograph

The Ion Chromatograph at the Analytical Service Center

Research Overview

The School's faculty, staff and students engage in research for the discovery and dissemination of knowledge for the stewardship of natural and managed environments and the sustainable use of their products and services. In support of its vision to provide world-class, internationally recognized knowledge and leadership for environmental and natural resource issues, the School's research programs include funded research grants by individual faculty, interdisciplinary programs drawing on expertise from other UW academic units, and centers working on regional natural resources and environmental issues. The School also collaborates with national and international research initiatives, consortiums and programs, including:

The School is home to the Institute of Forest Resources (IFR), which was created by the Washington State Legislature in 1947 (originally as the Institute of Forest Products). In 2011 the legislature directed IFR to organize itself to pursue coordinated interdisciplinary research and outreach, covering forestry issues along with emerging issues related to forest and environmental sciences, and to improve the understanding of complex forestry and related issues for stakeholders, policymakers and other interested parties—including the public.

The School is also home to the University of Washington Analytical Service Center, an independent chemical analysis center for research and education related to environment, forest, ecology and agriculture. The advanced instruments at the center are capable of analyzing soil, plant and aqueous samples for physical, biological and chemical properties.

Research at the School is supported by federal, state and local government, as well as private sources. See funded research projects for abstracts of currently funded grants in the School’s research interest groups.

See the UW Libraries ResearchWorks Archive - SEFS Collections for various papers, publications and reports.

See the UW Libraries ResearchWorks Archive - Forestry Dissertations and Theses for archived dissertations and theses.

Look for information about research and technical transfer funded through centers and programs.

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