Educational Outreach ReSources

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Educational Outreach Providers

Brockman Memorial Tree Tour
is a tour of University of Washington campus native and non-native trees adapted from the work of Professor C. Frank Brockman (1902-1985).
Center for International Trade in Forest Products (CINTRAFOR)
provides information about opportunities and problems relating to the export and import of wood products.
Center for Sustainable Forestry at Pack Forest (CSF)
offers an on-the-ground academic environment in which faculty, staff, students and working professionals can teach, study, conduct research and demonstrate modern forest management.
Northwest Environmental Forum (NWEF)
brings together decision makers and stakeholders to apply science and policy to critical environmental and natural resources management challenges.
Olympic Natural Resources Center (ONRC)
supports research and education necessary to provide sound scientific information on which to base ecologically sustainable forest and marine industries.
Precision Forestry Cooperative(PFC)
conducts pioneering research in forest production, management, and manufacturing at a new scale of resolution and accuracy, with the goal of producing economic and environmental benefits.
Stand Management Cooperative (SMC)
provides high-quality information on the long-term effects of silvicultural treatments and regimes, on stand and tree growth and development, and on wood and product quality.
UW Botanic Gardens (UWBG)
provides a wide variety of adult, youth and family programs and community outreach activities, including programs and the Center for Urban Horticulture, the Washington Park Arboretum, managed by the University of Washington in partnership with the City of Seattle and the library resources of the Elisabeth C. Miller Library.

Regional Forestry Continuing Education Contacts

Oregon State University, College of Forestry, Outreach Education Office
202 Peavy Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331-5707
Phone: 541-737-2329
Fax: 541-737-4966.
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