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May 15, 2015: UW Climate Change Video Awards

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May 15, 2012, "Forests and Carbon."

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About the Denman Forestry Issues Series
The purpose of the Denman Forestry Issues Series is to provide information and discussion on timely forestry and natural resources issues. As with all the activities associated with an academic setting, the ultimate goal is to inform and educate students, faculty, staff and the public. These programs are made possible through support provided by the Denman Endowment for Student Excellence in Forest Resources.
You are Invited to Participate
The University of Washington community and the general public are invited to the Denman program recording sessions. Attendance to the recording sessions is free, but seating is limited. Reservations are required. To receive information about the next program, please contact Bob Edmonds at 206-685-0953 or send an email message to:

Denman programs are recorded by the University of Washington's UWTV in digital format and broadcast on the UWTV cable channel.
Past Denman Programs
A limited number of video tape sets are available at no charge. Denman programs are three to four hours in duration, and video tapes are in one-hour segments. Below is a list of previous programs and a ## indicates that tape sets are available upon request.

Autumn 2000 Forest Certification
Winter 2001 Calculation of the Sustainable Yield from Washington's Trust Lands##
Spring 2001 Washington's Forest Regulations and Their Impact on the Private Landowner
Winter 2002 Conservation Easements & Land Trusts##
Spring 2002 Programs In Support of Washington's Private Forest Landowners##
Autumn 2002 Seeking Sustainability of Natural Resources##
Autumn 2003 Federal Land Management Policy Issues
Winter 2004 Wildfire in the West
Spring 2004 Invasive Species
Winter 2005 Global Change: Influence of increasing temperature and carbon dioxide on forests
Spring 2005 The Changing Northwest Forest: Keeping the landscape green
Autumn 2005 Water Supply and Stormwater Issues in the Pacific Northwest
Spring 2006 Sustainable Urban Ecosystems: Physical and biological environments
Autumn 2006 Sustainable Urban Ecosystems: Human dimensions and management
Spring 2007 Trust and Transition: Perspectives on Native American Forestry
Autumn 2007 Biofuels and Bioenergy
Spring 2008 Restoration Ecology
Spring 2009 The Future of Forestry in the Pacific Northwest
Spring 2010 Forests and the Health of Puget Sound
Spring 2011 Celebrating the International Year of Forests 2011
For information, contact:
Denman Forestry Issues Program
Box 352100 Seattle, WA 98195-2100
Phone - 206-685-0953
Fax - 206-685-0790