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SEFS School Seminars
The public is welcome to attend any of the School's weekly seminars. The official SEFS Seminar Series is currently offered Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 PM in the Forest Club Room, Anderson Hall room 207. This series is not currently offered for credit.

Undergraduate Course Descriptions:
Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM prefix)
Bioresource Science and Engineering (BSE prefix)

Graduate Course Descriptions:
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS prefix)

Course Schedules:
ESRM Quarterly Course Schedule
SEFS Classroom Calendar
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Course Resources:
Student Course Evaluations
UW Time Schedule
Course Fee Policy

Student/Academic Policies:
Academic Integrity: Plagiarism, cheating, and other misconduct are serious violations of your contract as a student. We expect that you will know and follow the UW's policies on cheating and plagiarism. Any suspected cases of academic misconduct will be handled according to UW regulations. More information, including definitions and examples, can be found at

Academic Misconduct: This page reviews the definitions of academic misconduct, and outlines the steps necessary should a student be accused of cheating, plagiarism, or other academic misconduct. Please note that a faculty member may not unilaterally assign a lower assignment, exam or course grade for these infractions without following this process, as per university regulations and students' rights. Updated in 2017 to match new UW regulations.

Undergraduate Satisfactory Progress Policy: This policy outlines the thresholds for satisfactory progress in a major (credit and quarter limits), and the conditions under which a student has a hold or block put on their registration until they submit a petition requesting permission to exceed credit or quarter limits to complete their degree.

Undergraduate Reinstatement after Being Dropped for Low Scholarship:This policy outlines how to initiate reinstatement of a student dropped for low scholarship (that is, did not achieve required GPA thresholds), if that is something the unit wishes to do.

Grade Appeal Process:This policy outlines how the student can appeal a course grade.

Disability Accommodations: If you anticipate or experience barriers to your learning or full participation in a course based on a physical, learning, or mental health disability, please immediately contact the instructor to discuss possible accommodation(s). A more complete description of the disability policy of the College of the Environment can be found here. If you have, or think you have, a temporary or permanent disability that impacts your participation in any course, please also contact Disability Resources for Students (DRS) at: 206-543-8924 V / 206-543-8925 TDD or

Field Trip Guidelines: Non-registered Individuals: This policy outlines who can - and cannot - attend course field trips, as per UW requirements.

Resources for Instructors:
Resources for Course Instructors
Increasing Course Evaluation Response Rates
Field Trip Consent Form