UW Course Equivalency Guide for Washington State Community Schools

Suggested Transfer Courses from Community Colleges

Not all courses are available at all community colleges. For further assistance, contact the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences undergraduate adviser,
Writing (8 credits)
English Composition (5) course
HCDE 231 (3) Technical Writing
Areas of Knowledge: VLPA, I&S (35 credits)
Communication 202 or 220 (5) Communication Theory/Public Speaking
Visual, Literary and Performing Arts (5) Any VLPA Credit Course
Economics 200 or 201 or Environmental Economics 235 (5)
Additional Science (NW) credits outside of major requirements (10)
Additional Social Science (I&S) outside of major requirements (10)
Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (15 credits)
QSci 291 or Math 124 (5) Calculus I
QSci 292 or Math 125 (5) Calculus II
QSci 381 or Statistics 311(5) Probability/Statistics
Areas of Knowledge: NW (29-30 credits)
Biology 180 (5) Biology I
Biology 200 (5) Biology II
Biology 220 (5) Biololgy III
(Note: Due to transfer equivalency differences between colleges, students should either complete the entire biology series before transfer OR wait to take biology courses at the UW. Please check the transfer guide link above if you are unsure.)
Chemistry 120 or 142 (5) Chemistry I
Chemistry 220 or 152 (5) Chemistry II
ESRM 210 or ESS 210 or 201 or ESS/Oceanography 230 or ATM S 211 (4-5) Earth Science
Free Electives
Any transferrable credits to equal up to 30 total elective credits. Community college courses in science, ecology, social sciences, and the environment to meet Areas of Knowledge are recommended if they are available.

Major Courses at the University of Washington

Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (5 credits)
ESRM 250 (5) Intro to GIS (some community colleges do offer an equivalent course)
Core Courses (27 Credits):
ESRM 200 (5) Society and Sustainable Environments
ESRM 201 (5) Sustainable Pacific NW Ecosystems
ESRM 300 (2) Principals of Sustainability
ESRM 304 (5) Environmental/Resource Assessment
ESRM 494 and 495, or 494 and 496, or 462-463-464 (10) Capstone
Upper-level Restricted Electives (35 credits)
300 or 400 level CFR, ESRM and PSE courses (minimum 15 credits at 400 level or higher)
Transcripted options in Natural Resource and Environmental Management; Restoration Ecology and Environmental Horticulture; Sustainable Forest Management; and Wildlife Conservation.

Free Electives (as needed to reach a total of 180 credits for degree)

Leading to a Bachelor of Science

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