ESRM Senior Capstone

All ESRM students entering since 2007 are required to complete a 10-credit senior capstone, which can be done in one of three ways: a senior project, a senior research thesis, or the restoration ecology capstone. Faculty advisors oversee the research and projects, and students present their work to the general public (check out current listings of potential capstone advisors). Further details about requirements and registration for students needing to complete capstones can be found on the Senior Capstone Form. Another helpful document, especially for those doing a thesis or in the Wildlife Conservation Option, is from the Wildlife faculty, titled, "Solving the Mysteries of ESRM 494, 495, and 496." For help with capstone project funding, use the Capstone Award Form. Questions? Email or stop by Student and Academic Services, Anderson 116.

The Campus Sustainability Fund also offers grants for up to $1,000 anytime throughout the year through a streamlined application process, with just a two-week week approval turnaround. Please check out their website for more information.

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Academic Year 2017-2018

Identification of principal groups of organisms in zooplankton samples from the Vava’u Archipelago, Kingdom of Tonga, and in-depth analysis of larval fishes
J. Aspee ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

The Relationship Between Grizzly Bear Residency and Annual Salmon Runs in SW Alaska
R. Caffey ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Relationship Between Crown Development and Growth Rate in Douglas Firs
P. Chuang ~ Faculty Advisor: Gregory Ettl

The Effects of Elevation and Relative Density on Slash Volume of Douglas-fir in the Maritime Pacific Northwest and Its Implications for Air Quality
A. Cottle ~ Faculty Advisor: Eric Turnblom

Is Stratification Necessary for Germination of Western White Pine?
T. Ducken ~ Faculty Advisor: Eric Turnblom

Mapping Landslides on Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest with New LiDAR-based Contour Connection Method
G. Forster ~ Faculty Advisor: Monika Moskal

Evaluating Copper Adsorption in Bioretention Systems with Water Treatment Residuals and Compost
A. Holmes ~ Faculty Advisor: Sally Brown

Understanding University of Washington Food Procurement Practices: Examining Sustainability Aspects of Food Procurement
M. Knight ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah

Microbial Source Testing of Swine Fecal Contamination in the Buffalo National River, Arkansas
D. La Fazia ~ Faculty Advisor: Laura Prugh

Factors Influencing Washington Residents’ Willingness to Pay for Wolf-Livestock Coexistence Programs
D. Leng ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Implementation of Floating Wetlands in Stormwater Ponds - Case Study on Temperature and Vegetations
A. Liu ~ Faculty Advisor: Kern Ewing

Is Income Related to the Choice of Transit Options in Santa Monica?
D. Maier ~ Faculty Advisor: Daniel Vogt

Understanding Stand Structure in Multiple Cohort Douglas-fir Stands
M. Maloney ~ Faculty Advisor: Gregory Ettl

A Cross Cultural Empirical Investigation of Corporate Sustainability Performance
S. Maroney ~ Faculty Advisor: Dorothy Paun

Biosolids Affect on Plant Productivity
A. Maxwell ~ Faculty Advisor: Sally Brown

Assessing the effect of 17α-ethinylestradiol (EE2) on phagocytosis in fish
J. McDonald ~ Faculty Advisor: Phillip Levin

Comparing fungal colonization of Acer Macrophyllum Roots in Canopy and Forest Floor Soils
A. Meade ~ Faculty Advisor: Daniel Vogt

Influence of habitat characteristics on snowshoe hare density
N. Mowat ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

What is the “nature”, in nature contact and human health
H. Mueting ~ Faculty Advisor: Joshua Lawler

Using occupancy modeling to compare species distributions relative to human presence in the southern Washington Cascades
L. Newman ~ Faculty Advisor: Laura Prugh

How has the historical and contemporary distribution of Thuja plicata been shaped by land use within the western Olympic Peninsula?
A. Noble ~ Faculty Advisor: Brian Harvey

The Elliott Bay Seawall and Climate Change: A Review of the Seawall Planning Process and Seattle's Preparation for Future Sea Level Rise and Shoreline Infrastructure
S. O'Brien ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

A Genetic Analysis of American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) and itʼs Effect on Intelligence and Temperament
D. Overhus ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

The Impact of Beaver Dams on Macroinvertebrate Biodiversity
V. Owen ~ Faculty Advisor: Christian Grue

Analyzing the Temporal, Spectral and Spatial Image Characteristics of Orthophotos to Detect Invasive Knotweed in King County, Washington
R. Plumb ~ Faculty Advisor: Kern Ewing

Rufous (Selasphorus rufus) and Annaʼs Hummingbirds (Calypte anna) population changes in western Washington
L. Rowe ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Forest Stewardship Plan For Tolt-MacDonald Park
C. Scelsa ~ Faculty Advisor: Gregory Ettl

Colonizing Endophytes of Populus trichocharpa Explored via Fluorescent Microscopy and Droplet Digital PCR
S. Scharffenberger ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

Invasive Plant Removal and Restoration of UW North Campus Archery Field Site
J. Schiller ~ Faculty Advisor: Kern Ewing

Understanding Changes in Distribution of Thamnophis in King County, WA, and Assessing Potentially Suitable Habitat
A. Scigliano ~ Faculty Advisor: Laura Prugh

Vulnerability of River Otters to Chemical Contaminants in Prey along the Green-Duwamish River
C. Straight ~ Faculty Advisor: Laura Prugh

The production of transparent paper using nano cellulose
N. Tang ~ Faculty Advisor: Anthony Dichiara

The Ocelots of Puerto Nuevo: a Poisson regression model 
I. Terry ~ Faculty Advisor: Beth Gardner

Decreasing Lime Addition During Biosolids Stabilization
L. Vandermolen ~ Faculty Advisor: Sally Brown

Connectivity Across the Pacific Northwest
Z. Weber ~ Faculty Advisor: Joshua Lawler

A Thematic Content Analysis of Public Responses to Environmental News
A. Wong ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah

Avian Diversity, Age Structure, and Breeding Condition in a Cloud Forest and a Shade-grown Coffee Farm in the Peruvian Andes
W. Zhou ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Different forest treatments and their effects on soil nutrient content
M. Krueger & J. Larkin ~ Faculty Advisor: Bernard Bormann

Is phosphorous a key nutrient in the host parasite relationship of Castilleja levisecta?
E. Weisman ~ Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Bakker

Exploring the Relationship Between Pellet Counts and Browsing by Snowshoe Hares (Lepus americanus) in North-Central Washington
C. Sullivan ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

The Antiquities Act in the North Cascades: Candidates for National Monument Designation
A. Forsgaard ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

The Effectiveness of Cameras to Assess Bird Species Richness At Urban, Suburban, and Rural Residences
N. Furner ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

An Analysis of Washington State Residents’ Attitudes Regarding the Gray Wolf
M. Kather ~ Faculty Advisor: Sergey Rabotyagov

Using Endophytes to Increase Plant Salt Tolerance
S.Parikh ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

Is subalpine fir mortality correlated with site index in the Central Rocky Mountains?
L. Semler ~ Faculty Advisor: Brian Harvey

Do Land Ownership Type and Management Practices Effect Species Richness across the Urban to Wildland Gradient in Western Washington.
N. Ulacia ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

The composition and interactions of scavengers on a humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) carcass in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
K. Young ~ Faculty Advisor: Laura Prugh

How do adventitious canopy roots actively help with photosynthetic activity and survival?
D. Liebel ~ Faculty Advisor: Soo-Hyung Kim

Risk of Forest Fires Within the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest: Implications for Risk Management Initiatives
J. Brent ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah

The Green Lifestyle: Vegetarianism and Adopting Pro-Environment Behaviors
A. Franzen ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah

Impacts of Camera-Collaring on Deer Behavior
N. Hamilton ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

The Predation Landscape of Mountain Lions (Puma concolor) in the West Cascades: a Comparison of Utilization Distributions
L. Olson ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Re-suspension of Sediment Bound Fecal Coliform & Potential Risks to Human Health
M. Trabun ~ Faculty Advisor: Christian Torgersen

Potential for Re-establishing of Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse in the Methow Valley
T. Wright ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Community Impact and Perception of Forest Health and Wildfires in Central Washington
J. White ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Apples and Moths: Phenological Asynchrony of Plants and Insects as a Result of Climate Change
K. Gifford ~ Faculty Advisor: Patrick Tobin

Academic Year 2016-2017

Food Waste and Sustainability in Local Establishments of the Seattle Metro Area
L. Aguirre ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah

Functional Predation Test Between Smallmouth Bass and Pesticide-Exposed Chinook Salmon
C. Aoanan ~ Faculty Advisor: Christian Grue

A Plant Survivability Experiment: Planting Suggestions for an Inundated Area Impacted by Reverse Hydrology, Yesler Swamp, Seattle
D. Connolly ~ Faculty Advisor: Kern Ewing

Analysis of Street Edge Alternatives
T. Haas ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Effects of Stormwater Runoff on Seattle's Urban Watersheds
A. Maldonado ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Bringing Environmental Justice into Pacific Northwest Environmental Education
V. Sanchez ~ Faculty Advisor: Kristiina Vogt

Comparison of Fire Management Thinning to Natural Fires in the Stanislaus-Toulumne Experimental Forest
K. Williams ~ Faculty Advisor: Van Kane

The Challenges and Opportunities of Funding a Non-Profit Early Learning Environmental Education Program
A. Adams ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Quantifying Effects of Heat from Fire on Germination of Prairie Species
A. Autio ~ Faculty Advisor: Jon Bakker

Native vs. Invasive Colonization Following Secondary Succession
N. Beyrooty ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Assessing Forest Light Availability Using Hemispherical Photography
T. Bucherbeam ~ Greg Ettl

University of Washington Green Greek Representative Program: Waste Right
L. Carstens ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

The Cost Benefit Analysis of Sustainable Agriculture
R. Chang ~ Faculty Advisor: Kristiina Vogt

A Comparative Fenced Browse Study to Further Sustainable Forestry at Pack Forest
D. Chapman ~ Faculty Advisor: Ernesto Alvarado

Sustainable Report on Seattle Based Companies (Microsoft, Amazon, Costco)
N. Choephel ~ Faculty Advisor: Kern Ewing

Regeneration in Canopy Gaps, Hardwood Forest Management Pathways and Cultural Resources in Soaring Eagle Regional Park
A. Fae ~ Faculty Advisor: Greg Ettl

An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Physical Deterrents in Preventing Lead Poisoning of Trumpeter Swans on Judson Lake
K. Gill ~ Faculty Advisor: Christian Grue

Endophyte Mediated Drought Stress Alleviation in Rice
E. Glenn ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

Studying Food Insecurity in the Seattle Area
S. Keimach ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

The Effects of Different Media Type on Achillea millefolium
P. Kuo ~ Faculty Advisor: Jon Bakker

Impacts of Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) Reestablishment on Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Wyoming
A. Lehto ~ Faculty Advisor: Laura Prugh

Planning for Recreation and Aesthetics: Soaring Eagle Regional Park, Sammamish, WA
S. Leonti ~ Faculty Advisor: Greg Ettl

Ring Width and Age Analysis of Large Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis) Trees Using Partial Depth Cores
C. Marshall ~ Faculty Advisor: Jerry Franklin

Wildland Fire Tree Mortality Detection and Prediction Using Landsat and LiDAR
A. Martinez ~ Faculty Advisor: Ernesto Alvarado

Fuel Types Burnt on Washington State Managed Land 1996 to 2016
W. O’Brien ~ Faculty Advisor: Ernesto Alvarado

Quantifying Alpine Treeline Change in Mount Rainier National Park
T. O’Mara  ~ Faculty Advisor: Janneke Hille Ris Lambers

Diet Composition of Reintroduced Fishers (Pekania pennant) in Olympic National Park, WA, USA
S. Pace ~ Faculty Advisor: Laura Prugh

Examining the Relationships Between Mixed-Severity Fires and Variable Patch Conditions in Northern Coniferous Forests
E. Pollock ~ Faculty Advisor: Jerry Franklin

The Process of Delisting the Gray Wolf in Washington State
J. Preston ~ Faculty Advisor: Daniel Vogt

Quality and Density of Snags in Soaring Eagle Regional Park
K. Hardin ~ Faculty Advisor: Greg Ettl

The Grapes of Wrath: Invasion Potential of Lobesia botrana (European Grapevine Moth) in Washington State Vineyards Under Varying Climate Change Scenarios
C. Henderson ~ Faculty Advisor: Patrick Tobin

Modeling Urban Streams: The Biogeochemical Properties of a Seattle Watershed
C. Hoffman ~ Faculty Advisor: David Butman

River Otter Activity Patterns and Species Diversity in the Lower Green-Duwamish River Watershed
K. Jesser ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Monitoring Snowshoe Hare (Lepus americanus) Population Trends Using Pellet Counts in Washington State
N. Redon ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Effect of a Thirty Percent Retention Harvest on Bird Species Richness and Abundance at Pack Forest
D. Reid ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Relationship of Deer Vigilance and Group Size
J. Reyes ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Conifer Management Pathways and Harvest Operations in Soaring Eagle Regional Park and Patterson Creek Natural Area
T. Seaman ~ Faculty Advisor: Greg Ettl

Corporate Sustainability & Environmental Efficiency
K. Sharp ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Applying Functional Traits as Predictors of Forest Dynamics in Two Contrasting Tropical Forest Types in Northern South American
R. Swan ~ Faculty Advisor: Greg Ettl

Does Human Activity Create Refuge for Prey Species Through Non-Consumptive Indirect Effects?
A. Wang ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Impacts of Farming Methods on Soil
Y. Zhu ~ Faculty Advisor: Daniel Vogt

Bigleaf Maple Carbon Management in King County Parks
M. Lund ~ Faculty Advisor: Greg Ettl

The Approximate Object Mortality Classification Using Reflectance Intensity from Airborne LiDAR
B. Bartl-Geller ~ Faculty Advisor: Van Kane 

Endophyte Mediated Drought Stress Alleviation in Rice and Nitrogen Fixation by Endophytes in Rice and Tomatoes
C. Hartman ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

Correlates of Chestnut-Banded Plover (Charadrius pallidus) Abundance and Distribution Around Lake Manyara, Tanzania
L. Kessler ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff 

Examining Reltionships Between Stand Dynamics and Monilia Within Cacao Agroforestry Plots in Mastatal, Costa Rica
E. Lawrence ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

Investigation of Western Sword Fern Disappearance in Seward Park
G. Masaoka ~ Faculty Advisor: Patrick Tobin 

The Effects of Varying Light and Moisture Levels on Early Growth and Survival of Twelve Pacific Northwest Tree Species
O. Moskowitz ~ Faculty Advisor: Greg Ettl

How Does Local Adaptation to the Climate Influence Population Dynamics of Mimulus tilingii?
T. Rautu ~ Faculty Advisor: Janneke Hille Ris Lambers 

An Analysis of University of Washington Students' Preferences of Study Environment
A. Roman ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Review of Imidacloprid and Initial Laboratory Evaluation of the Toxicity of Emamectin Benzoate to Burrowing Shrimp
G. Whitman ~ Faculty Advisor: Christian Grue 

The Status and Abundance of Eurasian Collared Doves in Snohomish County, Western Washington
E. Wild ~ Faculty Advisor: Dave Manuwal

Analysis of Endophyte Interactions Within Poplar Using Fluorescent Microscopy
B. Austin ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty 

Influence of Freshwater on Burrowing Shrimp Abundance in Williapa Bay, WA: Possible Control Method or Historical Limiting Factor?
K. Deforest ~ Faculty Advisor: Christian Grue

A Comparative Study of Phosphorus Availability in Canopy Soils of Bigleaf Maple (Acer Macrophyllum) and Soils of the Forest Floor of an Old-Growth Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula, WA
A. Flisek ~ Faculty Advisor: Daniel Vogt

Occupancy of Mammals from Camera Trapping at Pack Forest
J. Ginn ~ Faculty Advisor: Laura Prugh 

Microarthropod Species Richness and Abundance Along an Urban to Wildland Gradient
C. Lin ~ Faculty Advisor: Laura Prugh 

Raptor Visual-Spatial Attention of Environmental Enrichment
A. Taylor ~ Faculty Advisor: Dave Manuwal 

A Comparative Biological Maturity Analysis of Darkblotched Rockfish (Sebastes crameri) Through the El Nino Southern Oscillation
L. Uhl ~ Faculty Advisor: Christian Torgersen

Tuan Truong Surveying Amphibians in Discovery Park

Academic Year 2015-2016

The Influence of Visual and Acoustic Stimuli on the Mobbing Behavior of Crows
K. Bouchard ~ Faculty Advisor: Ha  

Density and Composition Effects on Mixed Conifer Forests
S. Calkins ~ Faculty Advisor: Eric Turnblom 

Analyzing Extreme Behavior of the North Star Fire
T. Cates ~ Faculty Advisor: Ernesto Alvarado 

Assessing the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Ecological Footprint Through Surveys and by Using the GPI (Genuine Progress Indicator) and Carbon Emissions of Different Countries as a Model
G. Chan ~ Faculty Advisor: Sergey Rabotyagov

Impressions and Discussion on Diet and Resource Management
J. Costantino ~ Faculty Advisor: Stevan Harrell

Carbon Neutrality in the Emerald City: The Lack of Ecological Resilience Planning in Response to Climate Change
M. Dear ~ Faculty Advisor: Daniel Vogt

Spatial and Climatic Analysis of Bigleaf Maple Tree Decline
R. DeCordoba ~ Faculty Advisor: Patrick Tobin  

How Crowd Sourcing Flickr Can Inform Management Decisions in the National Forest
J. Glass ~ Faculty Advisor: Spencer Wood 

Biotic Control: M. Spicatum vs. E. Lecontei
G. Golzarian ~ Faculty Advisor: Sarah Reichard

Increasing Student Awareness of UW’s Sustainability Courses
S. Harden ~ Faculty Advisor: Clare Ryan  

Influence Wildlife Thinning Treatments have on Fire Severity- San Juan Fire, Arizona
S. Harrison and G. Dittmann ~ Faculty Advisor: Jerry Franklin

Structure and Mortality of a Mature Douglas-fir Forest in Southwest Washington Cascades
A. Hennessey ~ Faculty Advisor: Franklin and Freund

Terrestrial Bird Species Richness and Density Within Multiple-Use Areas of Northern Tanzania
S. Kross ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff  

A Comparative Analysis of Cougar (Puma concolor) Kill Site Properties Between Yellowstone National Park and Snoqualmie National Forest
C. Meyer ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff  

Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Changes as Influenced by Agriculture Practices in Mollisol Soils
J. Murillo ~ Faculty Advisor: Darlene Zabowski  

Light Pollution in Seattle
K. Park ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Allometric Relation in Arctic Cod (Boreogaus saida) in the US Portion of the Chukchi Sea Shelf and Bering Sea
M. Prosser ~ Faculty Advisor: Dave Manuwal

Collecting the Pieces in Horticultural Curation
E. Relei ~ Faculty Advisors: Sarah Reichard, Wendy Gibble, and Cynthia Welte 

A Comparison of Aspects: Plant Species Diversity and Deer Herbivory
E. Richmond ~ Faculty Advisor: Joshua Lawler 

Sustainable Community Design in King County
N. Stevens ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley 

Seattle's P-Patch Community Gardens: Exploring Some Aspects of their Environmental Sustainability
H. Wood ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah  

A 90-Year Legacy of Red Alder, Conifer Development in Northern Oregon's Coastal Fog Belt
T. Shapiro ~ Faculty Advisors: Jerry Franklin and Eric Turnblom 

The Effects of Climate Change on Beaver Habitat Suitability in Northwest Rivers
A. Tam ~ Faculty Advisor: Joshua Lawler 

De-Ashing of Hybrid Poplar to Improve Bioethanol Yields
K. Turner ~ Faculty Advisor: Renata Bura 

Diet Specialization in Cougars
A. Wall ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff 

The Influence of Habitat Selection: A Potential Driver in the Distribution of Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs in Kruger National Park, South Africa
P. Werner ~ Faculty Advisors: Aaron Wirsing and Laurel Peelle 

Consumer Perceptions of Health Risks associated with Shellfish Consumption
C. Accettullo ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah

Salinity Tolerant Plants Using Endophytes
A. Bird ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty  

Visual Perceptions of Differing Silvicultural Practices
J. Chase ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Ecological Effects of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Future of Nuclear Power
M. Denton ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Wolves and Wolf-Birds in a Snowy Climate
Z. Gregory ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff  

Effects of Diazotrophic Endophytes on the Physiology of Early to Late 20th Century Rice Varieties in Elevated CO2 Conditions
N. Hummel ~ Faculty Advisor: Soo-Hyung Kim  

Examining Bird Return Rates to Restored Ecosystems
S. Katzenberger ~ Faculty Advisor: Kern Ewing 

Life Cycle Analysis
L. Kloss ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Carbon-Nitrogen Analysis of Vegetation Grown in Bioretention Soil Mixes
J. Kong ~ Faculty Advisor: Sally Brown

Cougar Kill Site Distance to Water Bodies
C. Mebust-Boscolo ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Comparing the Effects of Parasitism by Castilleja levisecta and Competition on Host Species
R. Mecka ~ Faculty Advisor: Jon Bakker 

Children's Garden at the Arboretum
D. Melville ~ Faculty Advisor: Kern Ewing  

Establishment and Survival of Prairie and Oak Savanna Plants in the Duwamish Hill Preserve
W. Mooreston ~ Faculty Advisor: Jon Bakker 

Quantifying Fire Potential of Dry Forest Types Using ArcGIS and FCCS
H. Mouser ~ Faculty Advisors: Ernesto Alvarado  

Research Site Mapping in Pack Forest Using ArcGIS Online
A. Riddell ~ Faculty Advisor: Joshua Lawler  

Structure and Mortality of Tsuga heterophylla Forests of the Olympic Peninsula Following a Large-Scale Windthrow Event in 1921
S. Scharffenberger ~ Faculty Advisor: Jerry Franklin  

Deer Vigilance in Response to Wolf Presence
L. Smith ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing  

Academic Year 2014-2015

Enhancement Plan for Potential Habitat and Forage for Black-Tailed Deer, Wood Duck, and Hooded Merganser at the Fornsby Flats/Smokehouse Floodplain of the Swinomish Reservation
B. Dart ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Snowshoe Hare Home Range Size
M. Gamman ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Site Index Suppression of Douglas Fir due to Ungulate Browse Across Three Levels of Genetic Improvement
C. Kirkmire ~ Faculty Advisor: Eric Turnblom  

Educational Messaging and Consumption on Bottled Water
A. Myers ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley  

Differences in Body Condition of Elk, Cervus elaphus, by Location in Yellowstone’s Northern Range
A. Pfeifer ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing  

Exploration of the Interactions Between Seaplane Pilots and Birds
S. Phillips ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff  

PAH Removal from Stormwater by Compost-Amended Bioretention Systems
M. Plog ~ Faculty Advisor: Sally Brown  

Condition-Dependent Bear Predation of Salmon
S. Schooler ~ Faculty Advisor: Tom Quinn  

Endophyte-assisted phytoremediation of Trichloroethylene
M. Scott ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

A Closer Look at the 1918 Bluejay Fire: Searching for Cruiser Bias Within Recorded Fire Damage in Oregon Dry Forest
M. Seeley ~ Faculty Advisors: Jerry Franklin & Keala Hagmann  

The Effect of Fear on the Immature Development of Mealworms
K. Stair ~ Faculty Advisor: Patrick Tobin

The Effects of Rain Gardens on Erosion and Stormwater Runoff
S. Tekola ~ Faculty Advisor: Sally Brown

The Relationship of Nature Experiences on Landscape Preference
T. Tran ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley  

Sensitivity Analysis of New Methods for Estimating Forest Parameters
T. Tran ~ Faculty Advisor: Maureen Kennedy  

Soil Properties Affecting Tread Condition Along the Baker Lake Trail
A. Vaughan ~ Faculty Advisor: Darlene Zabowski  

Invasive English Holly and Effects on Soil
J. Watts ~ Faculty Advisor: Darlene Zabowski  

Wildlife Presence In Our Own Backyards
G. Yang ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing  

How are Corporate Sales Revenue and Profits Affected by Improved Environmental Practices
C. Acholonu ~ Faculty Advisor: Dorothy Paun

Operational Plan for Precommercial Thinning Operations
M. Bass ~ Faculty Advisor: Eric Turnblom

Forest Inventory and Harvest Unit Layout
G. Becker ~ Faculty Advisor: Eric Turnblom  

Seasonal Patterns of Occurrence of Southern Resident Killer Whales in Inland Washington Waters
E. Chan ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Bird Window-Strike Mortality on the UW Campus
A. Chen ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Fall River LTSP Deep Soil Carbon Retention Incubation Test
A. Cox ~ Faculty Advisor: Robert Harrison  

Comparison of Canopy Cover Estimation Using Densiometer and Photo Analysis Software
K. Fergot ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing  

Bird-window Strike Mortality at Two College Campuses: University of Washington, WA and Principia College, IL
R. Furbush

Public Perspective of Forest Ecosystem Services Management
B. Hagood ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah  

Improving Recruitment and Retention of UW Green Laboratory Certification Program Participants
H. Hainline ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah  

Impacts of Urban Agriculture on Soil Characteristics
R. Kesler ~ Faculty Advisor: Tom DeLuca

Effects of Dog Walking on Suburban Bird Communities
J. Arago ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Who's Right - Czaplewski, Hann, or Kazak? An Accuracy Examination of Stem Taper Equations on Northwest Douglas-Fir
Z. Beebe ~ Faculty Advisor: Eric Turnblom

Goat Marsh Noble Fir Stand: Analysis of Growth and Mortality Rates Over a 34 Year Time Span in an Old Growth Stand
M.K. Diamond ~ Faculty Advisor: Jerry Franklin and Keala Hagmann

UAVs Will Transform Small Scale Remote Sensing
C. Ditomaso ~ Faculty Advisor: Susan Bolton

Difference in Frequency of Anti-Predator Behavior Between Male and Female Mule and White-Tailed Deer
T. Fuller ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Assessment of Structure from Motion Software for Extraction of Individual Tree Height
P. Mi ~ Faculty Advisor: Monika Moskal

Contaminant Levels in Avian Scavengers
A. Sacco ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Environmental, Economic, and Social Impact Assessment on Different Types of Renewable Energy Technologies
S. Shibata ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Academic Year 2013-2014

The Salience of Motivations in Recruitment Messages for Environmental Volunteerism
A. Shapiro ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah  

Phytoremediation of Arsenic Contamination on Vashon-Maury Island
C. Johnson ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty  

Human Impacts on Peruvian Cloud Forest Wildlife
J. Johnson ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing  

Forest Service and the Public: Communication, Education, and Outreach
A. Paz ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah  

Riparian Canopy Cover and Water Quality of the Green-Duwamish River
T. Pederson ~ Faculty Advisor: Daniel Vogt  

Effect of Charcoal on Organic Carbon Retention
A. Wells ~ Faculty Advisor: Thomas DeLuca

Comparing the Effects of Genetic Gain Level, Tree Spacing, and Site Characteristics on Survival of Douglas-fir
A. Wilson ~ Faculty Advisor: Eric Turnblom  

Stress Hormone Analysis of Deer (Odocoileus virginiana and O hemionus) in the Alberta Oil Sands
T. Wilson ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing  

R. Akbar ~ Faculty Advisor: Vogt

Herd Size of Common Wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) in Relation to Cover Type in Northern Tanzania
E. Chudek ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing  

Environmental Impacts of the Construction of Ski Resorts
L. Dalton, M. Gamman ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley  

Soil Nitrogen Concentrations Along the Lower Elwha River: Implications for Dam Restoration
J. Hill ~ Faculty Advisor: Darlene Zabowski  

Online Media Framing of Biofuels
M. Ji ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah  

Washington Ranchers Reluctance to Participate in Wolf Compensation Programs
C. Noteboom ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff  

Endophyte Assisted Phytoremediation of Trinitrotoluene (TNT)
C. Sahari, C. Swezy ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty & Zareen Khan  

Beaver Foraging Preference in the Maritime Pacific Northwest
C. Tran ~ Faculty Advisor: Susan Bolton  

Fires and Sustainability of Navajo Nation Forests
J. Yazzie ~ Faculty Advisor: Ernesto Alvarado  

Identifying Effective Colonization and Inoculation Methods of Rice (Oryza sativa) and Maize (Zea mays) for Fungal Endophytes
J. Zech ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty  

Influence of Body Condition on Vigilance in Mule Deer and White-Tailed Deer Under Risk of Predation
J. Hower ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing  

Exploring the Relationship Between Seasonal Distribution of Steller Sea Lions (Eumetopias jubatus) and Weather Patterns in the Western Aleutian Islands During the Non-Breeding Season
A. Imhof ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing  

The Effects of Stand Attributes and Site Characteristics on Stem Eccentricity in Tsuga heterophylla
M. Matthews ~ Faculty Advisor: Eric Turnblom

Modern-day cowboys: Ranchers' views on range riding as a solution to wolf depredation in Eastern Washington
M. Prescott ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff  

The Impact of Overstory Density on Tree Seedling Regeneration and Understory Shrub Composition in a Mature Mixed-Conifer Dry Forest
T. Putz ~ Faculty Advisor: Greg Ettl  

The Effect of Anthropogenic Land Change on Mammal Richness in Costa Rica
R. Tess ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Effects of Occasion Length on Occupancy Estimation Models
M. Havrda ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing  

The Cause and Effect of Prescribed Fire and Wildfire in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest
L. Vendrell ~ Faculty Advisor: Ernesto Alvarado

Tree Mortality in the WFDP: 2012-2013
Z. Hale, J. Shaughnessy ~ Faculty Advisor: Jim Lutz  

Avian Abundance and Richness across an Urban-to-Wildland Gradient in Costa Rica
A. Meeker ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Wanderweg Seattle: A Strategy for Preserving an American Treasure
H. Hall ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley  

Effects of Bacterial Endophytes on Carbon Partitioning and Water Potential in Sunflower Plants
M. Hsieh ~ Faculty Advisor: Soo-Hyung Kim

Identifying Alpine roots in North Cascades and Mount Rainier National Park
L. Khuat ~ Faculty Advisor: Darlene Zabowski

Using Stable Isotopes to Determine the Effect of Watershed Geomorphology on the Source of Carbon in Aquatic Ecosystems
D. Schindler & B. Vanden Heuvel ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff  

Utilization of Animal-borne Video Systems in Determining the Non-consumptive Effects of Wolves on White-tailed Deer in Eastern Washington
K. Caddey & G. Riggins ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing  

Perceptions of Wood-based Biofuels: Family Forest Owners and Bioenergy
H. Lane ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah  

Barriers to Usage at Swan Creek Park
R. Nelson ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley  

Biochemical Production of Endophytic Yeast
I. Salim ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty  

An Investigation of the Return on Corporate Responsibility
J. Isenberg ~ Faculty Advisor: Dorothy Paun

Academic Year 2012-2013

Interactions of Crows and Raptors
K. Haycock~ Advisors: Jack DeLap and John Marzluff

  • Little to no information about how American Crows interact with Osprey, closest is a study about House Crow and Osprey
  • Because Osprey are not predators of crows, there should be a difference in how they recognize and react to known threats such as hawks and eagles
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Creating Spatial Data Sets for Teaching and Learning Geographic Information Systembased
R. Boyd ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Joshua Lawler

Keep Calm and Carrion: How Olfactory Organs Influence Turkey Vultures’ Ability to Find Food
H. Wise-Maas ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Steve West

Assessing Tree Mortality in an Old-growth Forest: Wind River Forest Dynamics Plot
B. Borden ~ Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jim Lutz

Comparative Study of Social Hierarchy of Four Related Female Captive Gray Wolves(Canis lupus)
T. Chan ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Aaron Wirsing

Phytoremediation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Using Pollutant-Degrading Endophytes of Poplar in Grass
M. Delas Alas ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sharon Doty

Factors Affecting Raccoon Distribution on University of Washington Campus
A. Klein, B. Krabill, T. Thomas ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Aaron Wirsing

Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) Restoration and Establishment on the Chelan Ranger District, Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest
E. Pederson ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Eric Turnblom

Forest Plant Associations and Allometry of Leucothoe davisiae in Yosemite National Park
K. Schwindt ~ Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jim Lutz

Seed Distribution Differences Between the Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) and the Subalpine Fir (Abies lasiocarpa) in the Northern Cascades
S. Erickson ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Eric Turnblom

The Indus Waters Treaty
A. Khan ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Susan Bolton

Ammonia and Nitrate Production by Endophytes of Poplar and Willow
J. Narvaja ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sharon Doty

Differences in Behavior of Yucatan Black Howler Monkeys Between Varying Habitats
J. Kim ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Aaron Wirsing

Snag Dynamics in Variable Retention Harvests in Mature Douglas-fir Forests of the Pacific Northwest
M. Rosenquist ~ Faculty Advisors: Prof. Jerry Franklin & Dr. Urgenson

Characterization of Endophytic Yeasts
M. Molinaro ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sharon Doty

Creating a Stewardship Plan for Thornton A. Sullivan Park for the Green Everett Partnership
A. Goffard ~ Faculty Advisors: Prof. Gordon Bradley & Kim Frappier

Barred Owls at Sarvey Wildlife Care Center
O. Graham ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Aaron Wirsing

Feasibility of Phytoremediation of VOC’s at Northwest Pipe and Casing National Priorities List Site in Clackamas Oregon
S. Ader ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sally Brown

Gradient Analysis of East Lake Sammamish Basin Wetland (Queen’s Bog)
A. Beaty ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Kern Ewing

Detecting the Presence of Tree Pathogens Using Remote Sensing Techniques within the Lower Cedar River Watershed
I. Hash ~ Faculty Advisor: Prof. Joshua Lawler

Stomach Content Analysis of the South Puget Trough Populations of Sciurus griseus and Sciurus carolinensis
J. Shannon ~ Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stephen West

Environmental Stewardship, Social Equity, and Corporate Profitability
D. Schafer ~ Faculty Advisor: Dorothy Paun

Academic Year 2011-2012

Reptiles on Orcas IslandReptiles on Orcas Island: A Citizen Science and Outreach Project
A. Nichols~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

In April 2012, I conducted a social survey in the area of the largest concentrated population on the island - Eastsound. Going from shop to shop along the main streets, I asked local three questions: "Have you ever seen a reptile on the island in the past year?" "Where?" "and "What did it look like?"

Of the 40 locals I approached, 39 completed surveys, giving 35 snake locations, 2 turtle locations, and 3 lizard locations.

When describing the snakes they sighted, locals referred to them as "garden" or "garter snakes." In post-interview conversations with residents, I found that none had heard of the sharp-tailed snake before and had no idea a rare reptile species was found on the island.
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Sources and sinks: Spatial distributions of tetraether lipids in the Columbia River Basin, Washington
D. French~ Faculty Advisor: Rob Harrison

Windthrow on exposed stand edges at Pack Experimental Forest
G. Zimmerman and L. Warthen~ Faculty Advisor: Greg Ettl

GIS-assisted trail routing analysis for the Raging River State Forest
B. Silver~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

A management plan for the Raging River
J. Dawe~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

An investigation of competitive interaction between the Eastern Gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) and Western Gray squirrel (Sciurus griseus): A robot study
R. McArdel, R. Mangan, S. Rash, and J. Walls~ Faculty Advisor: Steve West

How do crows perceive danger? A PET study of the crow brain
I. Palmquist~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Isolating novel yeast species to improve biofuel efficiency
H. Morrison~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon :Doty

Endophyte-assisted phytoremediation of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon Phenanthrene
D. Roman~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

Identification of possible nitrogen fixing endophytes in Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) and implications for competition with Sitka willow (Salix sitchiensis) along the Skykomish River, WA
A. Thomas~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

The diaper decision: What factors influence parents' choice of diaper for their children?
P. Kennedy~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah

            Komodo DragonsEnvironmental Enrichment for Captive Komodo Dragons
J. Veasley and G. Guerra~ Faculty Advisor: Stephen West

Studying Komodo dragons in captivity is worthwhile because studying them in the field involves many difficulties, such as the remoteness of their native habitat, their large home range, and the possible dangers of field studies for the dragons and researchers. Studying captive Komodo dragons has already presented much knowledge about successful breeding in captivity with proper diet and habitat conditions. An additional goal is to provide adequate environments and experiences for the dragons in their individual enclosures. To do this, we introduced three different enrichment challenges/activities and analyzed how each form of enrichment stimulates more behavior in the enclosure.

The first enrichment trials were based of of burying eggs in the dirt of the enclosure to simulate turtle eggs in a sandy beach (a meal the dragons often eat), but instead of eggs we buried a boomer ball with a rat inside of it. We did not use eggs because it was not a part of the diet that the zoo placed for the dragons. The second trial consisted of using meat juice as a form of leaving scent trails of a prey item in the enclosure and placing the prey so it can be found by the dragon at the end of the trail. In the third trial, we placed a boomer ball, covered in meat juice, in the exhibit that was meant to stimulate a ‘play’ behavior. We analyzed these behaviors and learned that there was a definite increase in the activity level of the two dragons. These different en-richments increased activity in the dragons and can be used as strategies for other zoos to get their Komodo dragons active.
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Academic Year 2010-2011

Methods to determine fire intensity (pre and post harvest assessment)
B. Ambrose ~ Faculty Advisor: Ernesto Alvarado

Rain gardens and homeowner satisfaction
L. Quante~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

UW-REN: Ravenna ravine
M. Abata ~ Faculty Advisor:

Connectivity between people and the environment in the developing world
E. Allen~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah

Hydrology and soils study, holly (Ilex) garden, Washington Park Arboretum
T. Amico~ Faculty Advisor: Susan Bolton

Spatial patterns of rare apecies in the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot as a result of seed Dispersal
A. Blin ~ Advisor: Jim Lutz

Endophytic Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria in Populus trichocarpa
B. Boyer~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

Quantifying the effects of scale on ecological analyses in White fir/Sugar pine mixed conifer forests of Yosemite National Park
W. Childe~ Advisor:Jim Lutz

The trees of The Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot
H. Decker~ Advisor:Jim Lutz

Use of animal-borne cameras to explore vigilance of mule deer in the North Cascades
A. Kees and R. Bacon ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Bat emergence factors in Ravenna Park
K. Koyamatsu~ Faculty Advisor: Steve West

Effects of light and temperature regimes on the germination of native prairie species
M. Morey~ Faculty Advisor: Jon Bakker

Effects of compost on water quality and nutrient runoff
A. Kaeser, s. Armitage, and J. Nahakuelua~ Faculty Advisor: Robert Harrison

Pend Oreille sub-basin stream habitat health
N. Snyder ~ Faculty Advisor: Susan Bolton

Theropod dinosaur diversity up to the K-Pg boundary in the Hell Creek Formation of northeastern Montana
M. Staton ~ Faculty Advisors: Gregory Wilson and Aaron Wirsing

Analysis of diazotrophic endophytes isolated from Populus and Salix species for agricultural application
P. Wauters~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

Shared space usage between Douglas squirrels and Eastern gray squirrels in the Pacific Northwest
M. Wilson ~ Faculty Advisor:Steve West

Does the presence of large rocks improve moisture retention for young conifers during times of drought stress?
P. Anderson~ Faculty Advisor: Kern Ewing

Ecological effects and policy on the boreal forest: Russia
H. Fallisgaard~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Wolf (Canis lupis) predation on bison (Bison bison) in Yellowstone National Park
S. Meicho~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Effect of the U-Pass on UW alumni commuting attitudes and behaviors
L.Currin ~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah

Variation in seed germination and viability among populations and years for Puget Sound lowland prairie species
J. Dabell~ Faculty Advisor:Jon Bakker

Gardeners’ perceived benefits of community gardens in Seattle
T. Furniss~ Faculty Advisor: Stanley Asah

Public perceptions of smoke and fire: Central Washington fire managers’ current communication, outreach, and insight of public opinion
M. King ~ Faculty Advisor:Stanley Asah

Factors influencing epiphyte distribution in big leaf maple in the Queets River temperate rainforest
T. Miller~ Faculty Advisor: Darlene Zabowski

Captive breeding as a conservation tool: The best practices and breeding techniques for endangered wpecies
A. Clark ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzuff

Assessing browsing damage on Douglas-fir plantations
J. Coleman~ Faculty Advisor: Eric Turnblom

Visitor use and experience in Jennings Park
M.Hodges ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Forest stand reconstruction
J. Klacik ~ Faculty Advisor: Jerry Franklin

Perception of human behavior by American crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos)
D. Mackovjak ~ Faculty Advisors: Barbara Clucas and John Marzluff

Academic Year 2009-2010

Regeneration patterns of Pinus lambertiana and Abies concolor in the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot
A. Lautensleger ~ Advisor: Jim Lutz

Endophyte assisted phytoremediation of Trichloroethylene with Ipomoea Batatas - sweet potatoes
T. Paganelli ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

Carbon allocation across different forest ecosystems and management practices
C. Sprunger ~ Faculty Advisor: Darlene Zabowski

Endophyte ssisted phytoremediation of PAH and TCE contaminated materials
J. Sharp ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

+Comparing paired scores from the overall benthic index of biotic integrity of twenty stream sites located in the Lake Washington/Cedar/Sammamish watershed
D. Marconi ~ Faculty Advisor: Susan Bolton

Vigilance in wild horses
L. Kirschman ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Environmental correlates of tree species distribution in old‐growth pines lambertiana-Abies concolor forests
M. Barth ~ Advisor:Jim Lutz

Habitat analysis of kill sites by cougars in Western Washington
S. Williams ~ Faculty Advisor: Steve West

Discovery Park amphibian survey group
K. Bergstrom, J. Ethier, K. Hagglund, B. Middleton, K. Randolph, D. Rikard ~ Faculty Advisor: Steve West

Composition of cheek pouch contents and body condition of Perognathus parvus in the Northern Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington
K. Richardson ~ Faculty Advisor:Steve West

A case study on the DEMO Project 10 years after harvest
B. Benson ~ Faculty Advisor: Charlie Halpern

Analysis of the relationship between age and diameter at breast height of Garry Oak, Quercus garryana, In Washington State
S. Batiuk ~ Faculty Advisor: Jon Bakker

English holly and the forest
A. Watts ~ Faculty Advisor: Eric Turnblom

Changes in habitat use and occupancy of pileated woodpeckers, Dryocopus pileatus, in urbanized Seattle, Washington
F. Stevick ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

The city surrounding: How we access greenspace in the urban environment
D. Armes~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Across the urban to rural gradient: Effects of location and income on environmental participation
~D. Rayo ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Direct water use conservation in residential houses of Seattle
A. Win ~~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Brockman Tree Tour
C. Thornburg ~ Faculty Advisor: Al Wagar

Seattle, Washington, United States of America, and Berlin, Germany: Historical, cultural, and social comparisons and their effect on human opinion about urban bird species
A. Thomas ~ Faculty Advisor: John Marzluff

Fuels reduction in Sierra Nevada white fir-sugar pine forests
J. Syvertsen ~ Faculty Advisor: Jim Lutz

The Flight activity of Lasiurus Cinereus Semotus in response to weather phenomena on Hawai'i Island
J. LaHaela ~ Faculty Advisor: Aaron Wirsing

Environmental resources management: Sustainable living solutions
K. Stoner ~ Faculty Advisor: Dan Vogt

Urban greenways: An analysis of the feasibility of a right-of-way reassignment on the Burke-Gilman Trail
S. Rastelli ~ Faculty Advisor: Gordon Bradley

Beetle activity post-fire in the Tripod Fire complex
A. Sengsirirak ~ Faculty Advisor: Ernesto Alvarado

Tamarisk: An invasive species
C. Gaylord ~ Faculty Advisor: Ken Ewing

Investigating the influence of native and non-native vegetation on the presence of amphibians in seasonally flooded wetlands
E. Scanson ~ Faculty Advisor: Josh Lawler

Effects of carbon dioxide on stomatal density and index of Arabidopsis Thaliana
C. Maib ~ Faculty Advisor: Soo-Hyung Kim

Phytoremediation: A plant database suitable for use at Lower Duwamish Superfund site and enhancing phytoremediation using endophytes
T. McDonald ~ Faculty Advisor: Sharon Doty

Academic Year 2008-2009

Restoration design project for People for Puget Sound and the Port of Seattle
R. Miller, G. Beaudin, B. Horwitz, et. al. ~ Faculty Advisor:  Kern Ewing

Resource consumption, resource conservation, and environmental externalities: A 12 country analysis of the forest roducts, chemicals, and energy industries
R. Schmitt et al. ~ Faculty Advisor: Dorothy Paun

Energy crisis and catastrophic wildfires:  Can management of Montana’s forests solve these problems?
T. Lane ~ Faculty Advisors:  Dan Vogt and Kristiina Vogt

Mathematical modeling to terrestrial LiDAR for canopy structure
P. Johnsey ~ Faculty Advisor:  L. Monika Moskal

Crops: Emissions trading and carbon permanence
E. Tran ~ Faculty Advisor:  Sergey Rabotyagov

Disease transmission in terrestrial mammals: A case study of feline leukemia virus in Pacific Northwest cougars
V. Madison ~ Faculty Advisor:  John Marzluff

NEPA for the 21st Century.
D. Brody ~ Faculty Advisor:  Clare Ryan

LiDAR as a tool to determine biomass and ecosystem services of a heterogenous urban landscape at the Washington Park Arboretum
B. Neuhaus ~ Faculty Advisor:  Soo-Hyung Kim

Thermoregulatory behaviors of black abalone ecology
K. Kerr ~ Faculty Advisor:  Glenn VanBlaricom

Rain gardens: Storm water treatment from the ground up
B. Scott ~ Faculty Advisor:  Gordon Bradley

Amphibian survey in Discovery Park
M. Davis, T. Truong, T. Angevine, H. Schulz ~ Faculty Advisor:  Steve West

Effects of wildlife populations on seedling mortality
J. McCarty ~ Faculty Advisor:  Ken Radaeke

Effects of fire and stand management on early winter mule deer habitat
M. Weintraub ~ Faculty Advisor:  Aaron Wirsing