Common Course Work Structure for MS and PhD Degrees

Master of Science Degree

SEFS 500 (1) Graduate Orientation Seminar
Social and Natural Sciences Applied to Natural Resource and Environmental Issues
SEFS 509 (3) Analysis of Research Problems
Disciplinary Knowledge
Minimum 10 credits (400-500 level): menu driven
Research Design and Quantitative Analysis
Minimum 8 credits (400-500 level): menu driven
Current Topics
2 credits (400-500 level): topics vary from year to year
Thesis Research
SEFS 700 (9 credits minimum)
45 credits total for MS degree

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Same as for Masters Degree with one additional course in each of the categories:
Disciplinary Knowledge
Research Design and Quantitative Analysis
Current Topics
Dissertation Research
SEFS 800 (27 credits minimum)
90 credits total for PhD degree